donderdag 25 februari 2010

PULMAN & XT: remembering happy times

Woke up today with the news that in The Netherlands the number of unqualified teachers in high schools has grown quite exponentially. Too few teachers push schools to allowing physics teachers to teach e.g. chemistry. Saying that compentent makes qualified. Oh dear. I was in need for something nice. Some good news. So I looked back on the past 9 years and decided to catch up with some of the old PULMAN and PULMAN XT team. Getting word back was really, really nice and made me remember good times.
On the other hand having worked extensively on the cross roads of education and marketing for non formal educational institutions, (public) libraries and museums I am also somewhat taken aback by how little seems to have changed at times. PULMAN explored - mainly on a policy level - how public libraries, museums and archives could enhance cooperation, reasoning from the idea that for clients the distinction between these institutions is decidely less important that it is to the institutions themselves. Now, nearly 7 years on the same movement is still the ambition of many institutions and digitization enhances disclosure of information for customers. But in the back office the struggle still continues and it is a slow process to merge, in which sometimes IT is wrongly used to force policy decisions. Tempting, but a no goer. An iterative process between policy and IT, yes. IT to force policy decisions....recipe for disaster:-).
But before I drift off, let's stick with the happy memories that the contacts with the PULMAN team brought back, IT being the key factor in general for easily getting in touch, and linked in more specifically. I am only now starting to realise how great a tool that is, to catch up, to find where people are at and what they are doing and to get reconnected without immediately having to share a project or something concrete. Just catchting up is really, really nice. I do hope to reconnect with many colleagues from the past years!

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