donderdag 6 januari 2011

Reading, eating

Finally getting around to reading some books that have been on the shelf for various amounts of time. Common denominator: too long... Not for profit, Martha Nussbaums warm hearted and to the point plea for a retake on education is a must read I find for everybody interested and/or involved in education. She goes to the core of education, steering away from the form of education (multimedia etc.). I do apologise for making the distinction between form and content here, a distinction that I fundamentally do not believe in: content without form is useless and form without content is nothing. But anyways: best way I can phrase it for now. Sorry. Not for profit is utterly readable for a wide audience and is a timely book. So go ahead, get it and read it! And share your thoughts. Upheavels of thought: the intelligence of emotions is another one I finally finished. Again by Nussbaum, inches thick and at times a slow read but what an utter joy. Philosophy can truly be art.

Also tackled Osterwalders Businessmodel innovation. Innovative content and innovative production process. Form and content rarely had a better marriage. Should have read this much earlier, but well: better late than never I guess.

I am eagerly awaiting Kotlers publication on Museum Strategy and Marketing, which I ordered at Amazon UK about 1,5 weeks ago, but which has not yet reached me. It should arrive any time now really, I am acting like a border colly on the doormat waiting for it:-) In the meantime some light reading in the evening hours: Oprah magazine which I borrowed of a friend and I find that the whole branding of the magazine is baffling in a positive way. And then there is my absolute favorite: Delicious. Yes I admit: I am a foody. Who is trying and finally managing to loose some weight (made it one dress size down already!). My, can I get happy looking at glorious food pictures and studying recipes. Almost as good as cooking and tasting it. But still: one dress size to go, so I need to hang in there and I will.

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