donderdag 3 februari 2011

Author of Things and Stuff wins Herman de Coninck debut prize!

Annemarie Estor, with whom I devised and wrote my company fairytale (Things and Stuff), won the Herman de Coninck price for her poetic debut Vuurdoorn me. A personal and professional achievement and I am so incredibly proud of her and happy for her! Above all it is a true compliment for her determination to follow her passion and dream.

For me personally I take it as an inspiration today to work on the books and articles I have started to write. Articles on entertainment and education, on ethics in training of (young) doctors and on using dilemmas in science and technology education. My book on conference management which is still in the very early stages but begging to be taken that step further and on our epically disasterous journey bike2culture. Inspiration for a day of writing thus. With the sole ambiton of getting everything that one step further towards publication. Getting myself through this solitary work singing Dory's song from Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming". just keep writing, just keep writing....

The same goes for Annemarie: whatever you do, keep writing, keep composing poems. We need your written children for inspiration and enchantment.

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