dinsdag 26 april 2011

Finding my own way...or not?

I'm a philosopher (of science and technology to be precise) and an ethicist. So you'd think I would be able to steer myself out of dilemma's and would be able to reason my own way out of difficult questions. Sorry to disappoint. I find myself in a difficult spot. I am adament that I will focus MK5060 more on questions related to science and technology education and communication and on shaping, forming and giving a head and a heart to cooperations between knowledge institutions. Connections that I believe are essential for a fertile future, in fact: connections that are the only way forward. As each institution on its own will not be able to cope with the demands of times, peoples and cultures to come. Anyways, before I go into a long winded blog about this, let's return to the point of this blog entry.
Because where are my limits? Do I have any limits to the services I provide when it comes to enabling these cooperations? Because it sounds all pretty highbrow and I notice that many people - including myself if I don't watch me! - have the connotation of in sector cooperation: libraries with libraries, schools with schools etc. Or at best cross sector, where e.g. libraries cooperate with schools and museums. Out of sector cooperation is rarely on the charts, although it should be. And if so, it can take many forms including sponsorship.
You're guessing the point: a dear client has asked me to assist in fundraising. Now should I or should I not take this on? I am inclined to as I am very reluctant to put boundaries on my services as long as they fit the - rather broad - framework. So why am I in doubt? Because there is still this hopeless gap between content and form, between strategy and operationalisation. Fundraising combines the layers, it cuts straight through organisational boundaries and it is a true form of cooperation, of forming partnerships, across sectors and branches it connects people and organisations. But is still seen as operational. So actually I am wondering: how does that frame me and my services if I take this on? And simultaneously in writing this I realise that I am not inclined to consent to existing boundaries, to judge myself by standards other people may use. To allow myself to be put into boxes created by others that I do not agree with in the first place. My, it's all clear now! Thanks for reading and listening, let me know if you have any thoughts. But I think I sorted myself out. All you need to sometimes do is talk out loud. I guess.

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