woensdag 27 juni 2012

A Network for Science Communication

It’s been quiet on the blog for a while….I was out workingJ Amongst others on a safari to find out whether a Science Communication Network of national organisations involved in science communications supported by a professional could count on passionate support and input. A tricky question seeing the current landscape of recession. Over the course of the past months I spoke to not less than 14 parties, represented by warm and enthusiastic people, who were all granted me a view of their thoughts and feelings vis a vis such a network. I am now in the final stages of reporting back, so it’s a tad to early to write about the results on this blog, but I surely will later.

One of the sources of inspiration mentioned was the Australian Network of Science Communicators. I had vaguely heard from them but of course when it was mentioned I started following it more closely. Definitly a good tip when you are looking for an informative informal network. So check it out!

Another thing in The Netherlands to check out is this network (Dutch only for the moment) with the attractive tagline: for everyone with a story about science. Well we all have one I think! So check it out and contribute!

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