maandag 3 juni 2013

Leiden unconference

The first European Science Communication Unconference

I am not keeping this blog up to date as I am working on a new website. But some things are just too good to not mention. That thing is the Science Communication Unconference that was organised in Leiden last Thursday. A true, well organized unconference. Why I thought it was great? Because of the starting point: everybody has knowledge and experience that is worth sharing, that is part of the conversation. Because of the organization: from the dinner served to the badges, from the participants to the welcome, the entire conference was one. Because of the people I met: everything was done to lower the trehsholds for conversation. And for me, it worked. I truly  met new people. Everybody was open to meeting everybody regardless of affiliation, position and status. Because of the new things I learned about data journalism, about scientists making reporting easier, about story telling in science, about the day to day work of a lot of people. Because of the aha! moments when people shared their experiences with organizing blogs in an organisation, with trying to reshape science communications and with finding ways to get attention for scientific topics that are not intrinsically "sexy" but should nevertheless be brought to the public's attention. Because of the honest fun we created together in an instant. short: I learned a lot and had a whale of a time.

Whereas I can usually come home from a conference exhausted this time I came home at 10 PM completely energized and filled with new ideas. Wauw. So yes, I'd say: we have a lift off for this Science Communication Unconference!

For an impression of all of us who attended: search on twitter using #scio071 Enjoy!

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