vrijdag 28 mei 2010


On 28 May 2010 MK5060 – full circle projects Ltd after seven years will (temporarily) close the doors of the Dutch office to start a new adventure. A new adventure with a new mobile office. This mobile office will leave The Hague on 5 June 2010 to travel by train to Ulan Ude in Russia. From Ulan Ude the mobile office will continue on bicycle to arrive 9 countries and 365 days later in Sydney, Australia. Our bicycle ride has a mission: a mission to enhance intercultural understanding and intercultural exchange. We translated this mission into a project: the exchange of legends, fairytales and recipes. Our currency for trading are the Dutch legends of Ellert & Brammert, The Flying Dutchman and The Lady of Stavoren and the quintessentialDutch recipes for apple pancakes, hete bliksem, hutspot and red cabbage. We are curious how, where and with whom we will share these legends and food. Curious to read our Dutch legends? Impatient to make our recipes? Then go to our site www.bike2culture.org, where you can also see our route. You can see us telling the legends and making the recipes on our youtube channel: bike2culture. Do you have a legend or fairytale that we should share? A recipe that we should try? Do you have friends living along our route that we should visit? Or do you want to meet us somewhere down our road? Tell us! During our journey you can contact us via info @ bike2culture. org. Our skype address is bike2culture. We love to hear your stories. If you send us your recipes and legends of your country, we will upload them on www.bike2culture.org under world wide contributions . Do note that we will not have continuous internet access so please be patient as we cycle to connect. 
This means that this blog will temporarily close. The articles I posted will remain accessible, but for the coming year there will be no new contributions. In stead we will use bike2culture. org as our blog.  

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