zondag 5 december 2010

And so....we're back

We left the office on 5 June 2010. In principle for a year. But you never know what you will encounter on the road. Or at home. We were attacked by wild dogs in Russia, got caught in a heat wave in Mongolia, encountered the devastating floods in China, met with typhones in Vietnam and HongKong, and cycled through the coldest winter Australia has seen in 50 years. We took it all in our stride and kept going...until a clogged sewer set our house in The Hague partially under water. That is when we decided that it was definitly not meant to be this time. So we came home and rebuild the damaged parts of our property. Now, with the winter coming in strong we are enjoying our rebuild house and the memories of our trip. Yes, we met with epic disaster and bad luck. But the overriding memory is that of the beautiful meetings, the inpsiring moments, the cultures we experienced and the people who let us into their homes and lives. Although it all went entirely differently from what we envisaged, expected or could fathom we are still ever so happy that we did go, that we left our safe haven and thus offered ourselves the opportunity to come back and see the world with new eyes. Which is the incredible gift that travel always gives. We hope to have given you a taste of it via www.bike2culture.org and our youtube channel (bike2culture).

With those new eyes we are now going to re open MK5060 and we're looking forward to the experiences, adventures, sorrows and joys that will hopefully come our way in 2011. Will we meet you soon, sometime, someplace?

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