woensdag 21 december 2011

Merry Xmas and an adventurous 2012!

Yes, a picture from our own collection, taken in Pingyao, China in 2010 on our travels. For those of you who wonder about it: the haircut is real, no photoshop! It was high fashion amongst kids then....or is that parents:-)?

For sure 2011 was a year full of experiences. I've travelled a road over the course of this year that has given me much, so much to think about. For all I like about being a freelancer what I definitly dislike is the being alone. Of course I work in a network. I have close friends and very close colleagues who give me support, feedback and who help me to develop. But having colleagues is special. Being part of a team, helping to build a team, that is so incredibly special. And for some reason that seemd the common denominator of all my projects this year! The universe provides I believe?! So thank you for allowing me to strengthen your ranks Science Center Delft, educational department of NEMO, The European Library (and through them Dublin Core), Europeana, Erfgoed Nederland and my first client ever and longest client DEN. Thank you for the companianship you gave me, the chances and the trust in me you handed to me so confidently. I have many blogs to write including a couple of views from the backoffice. But that will be something for tomorrow or early 2012. For now for me is a time for thank you's and I could not possibly go into my Christmas holidays without having said them loud and clear. So here you are: thank you. I look forward to seeing you next year!

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