vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Riding my bicycle

I cycle past this poster hanging in a shop window in Noordeinde every Wednesay on my way to Europeana. I find it hugely inspiring and I thought I'd better get off my beloved bike for a sec and take a picture of it. It signals my own steps in focussing solely on MK5060 and the preserves but also the steps we are making in furthering Europeana's event organising activities. The first half year of this organisation features a stack of events. Some small, some large, some for the public and some on a high policy level. Some more complex, some relatively straight forward. Over the past months we have established event teams and accompanying work processes, including roadmaps, event briefs and the likes. Working from the perspective that the content side and the operational side need each other to produce the envisaged event.

For me it is a shift from the hands on project management work to an advisory role. Although I am probably still a very hands on advisor:-). I find that the advisory role really adds another layer to my work allowing me to transfer my experience and to grow in another role. To continuously move between strategy, content, operational and team building. Balancing between the need for processes and people. As such it adds a new depth for me as well to my my experience, which by now somebody ever so kindly pointed out spans over 15 years. Ooops. Yes, grey hairs are showing around the temples. Growing older, yes. Wiser....I'd better leave that up to you....

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