dinsdag 18 december 2012

Live where you fear to live in 2013!

We thought this picture taken in the ever beautiful cathedral of Vezelay, Bourgogne is a suitable background for our best wishes for the New Year. 2012 saw me exploring new roads with great clients such as Legermuseum, Europeana, KNAW, NCWT, the Science Learning Center of NCWT and others. Looking back on 2012 I tought: what a trailblazer of a year! Let's keep that up for 2013. Together. As a team. To create something new, something wonderful, to live the excitement of exploration in projects where don't quite know how to achieve our vision....but will manage to do so! I can't wait to meet you soon and to get started. But first things first so for now: happy holidays!

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