woensdag 9 januari 2013

Inspiration for cultural entrepreneurs

Thanks to my other half I watched this documentary on the quintesentially Dutch warehouse HEMA. It tells the story of HEMA's international entrepreneurial activities, the downfalls, the changes for the personnel and the collection. In addition to the always inspiring journey on the road of entrepreneurship what struck a cord in me is the constant iterative process between management annex strategy and operations annex the day-to-day running of the store. The way they at least make a conscious effort to stay in touch with those day to day operations. Watch how management - who at that point in time is also involved in complex strategical expansion options in fields further away - runs the best running HEMA store in The Netherlands for a day. The dynamics between those primarily concerned with strategy and expansion in their daily work and those primarily concerned with sales in their daily work I think is inspiring for both knowledge driven and cultural institutions now finding themselves on the road to furthering their own entrepreneurship.

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